Bug#535247: gnome-panel: shutdown button exhibits erratic behaviour

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Wed Jul 1 09:24:42 UTC 2009

reassign 535247 gnome-session 2.26.1-7

Le mercredi 01 juillet 2009 à 07:45 +0200, Norbert Preining a écrit :
> Package: gnome-panel
> Version: 2.26.2-1
> Severity: normal
> Pressing the shutdown button and selection "Shutdown" currently exhibits
> a very erratic behaviour: Either it shuts down the computer, or it just
> logs me out and goes back to the gdm welcome screen.
> I am checking that now since weeks, and I couldn't find any pattern
> in they way it behaves. The only idea (but without being able to
> actually check that) was that if I su-ed a few times the shutdown
> was only a logout.

First of all, the logout code is now in gnome-session again. Since gdm
was not changed recently it’s more probably a bug in the code that talks
with it in g-session.

I think I have already seen this bug, but not as frequently; you may be
right about gksu, as I don’t use it much.

If you can reproduce it easily, you might have some luck running
gnome-session in debug mode. I’m interested to know what it outputs when
you logout.

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