Bug#534164: base: metacity 2.26.0-2 lost its decoration

Stéphane Glondu steph at glondu.net
Wed Jun 24 07:09:26 UTC 2009

metacity 2.26.0-2 loses its decoration a écrit :
> my former metacity version was 2.24.0-2, i have upgraded it to 2.26.0-2, after rebooting my OS, i found that except gnome-terminal, all otherapplications lost their metacity decoration. But the current session did include metacity. And after typing metacity --replace in terminal, all recovered.

Same symptoms, same solution here.

I noticed that actually, metacity was ignoring gnome-panel's bars. The
decorations were here, but below the bars (for maximized windows). I
tried to change the order of gnome-panel and metacity in session
preference so that metacity comes after gnome-panel, but the change is
ineffective: metacity keeps starting after gnome-panel after a restart
of the session, and its order is always after gnome-panel in session



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