Bug#511029: sound-juicer: Sound juicer leaves silent gaps

Andreas Bombe aeb at debian.org
Sun Mar 29 14:38:20 UTC 2009

package sound-juicer
found 511029 2.24.0-2

On Tue, Jan 06, 2009 at 08:21:44PM +0000, Greg Kochanski wrote:
> When I play a perfectly normal audio-only CD with sound juicer,
> I get occasional 1-second gaps in the audio I hear.
> The gaps are irregularly spaced, about 20 seconds apart.
> This has been tested with several CDs.

I can confirm that, except I see a highly regular pattern here:

Every 16 seconds the time index stops advancing, music keeps playing for
another 2 seconds, then there is 2 seconds silence, finally music and
time index (skipping over the 4 seconds) continue.  The position at
which these happen is not linked to the time index on CD, it happens
every 16 seconds after beginning to play (after selecting track to play
or after seeking inside a track).

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