Bug#526179: /usr/bin/epiphany: Lotus Domino Web Access throws error DWA script error

Kristjan Jonsson kristjan06 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:08:52 UTC 2009

where can I see logs for epiphany - I tried /var/log/messages but no logs
from epiphany

only thing I see is this error: (attachment)

I could create dummy account for you on test domino server so you could test


2009/5/2 Josselin Mouette <joss at debian.org>

> Le jeudi 30 avril 2009 à 22:47 +0000, k jonsson a écrit :
> > yes it works in iceweasel and no I do not think it is notes because I
> > have web account on two different Lotus Domino servers and it has not
> > been any problem on various platforms that I have tried.
> > I do not know how to change user agent.
> You can add extra parts to the user-agent by changing
> general.useragent.extra.simple in about:config. Which parts you need to
> add of course depend on the broken user-agent parser, if that’s the
> source of the issue.
> > Funny thing is when I try to log in to notes web mail on epiphany the
> > browser throws error and I can not load any web page. Epiphany is
> > unusable until I log out and in again.
> Which error does it throw?
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