Bug#552160: Mouse button 2 and 3 not working anymore

Frederic Peters fpeters at debian.org
Sat Oct 24 09:29:00 UTC 2009


Could you check the value of this gconf key:

This key was added by:

 commit 4eb9bd09219afbb56f114a2d10bc585e24db803e
 Author: Matthias Clasen <mclasen at redhat.com>
 Date:   Mon Jun 15 23:59:10 2009 -0400

     Add touchpad tab to the mouse capplet

     This adds support for synaptics touchpads, including disable-while-typing
     support with the help of syndaemon. Fixes bug 578444.

So it should also be editable via gnome control center (but 2.28 is
not available yet for amd64.


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