Gtk+/Gnome testing

Neil Williams codehelp at
Thu Feb 11 09:49:07 UTC 2010

I wonder if you could point me to someone in the GTK+ or GNOME
development teams who you know to be doing or organising component
tests within those projects. e.g. if a base widget (like GtkLabel) was
to be substantially modified in a future major release, how would the
testing of such a change be managed? Would everyone on the gtk+ devel
list be asked to individually test or is there a framework to both run
the tests and ensure that one set of tests is "signed-off" before the
next level of tests can begin (perhaps those testing widgets based on
GtkLabel in this example)?

I know about gtk_test_* but I was more wondering how a change to a core
widget might be tested against themes and preference changes *as
displayed* rather than by testing inputs and outputs - I guess the HIG
team might be doing this kind of thing too.

If this is something I should just raise on either the gtk-devel or
gnome-devel mailing lists, just say - or if there is a particular team
who would be doing these tests.



Neil Williams

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