Bug#598901: gnome-system-monitor: On kfreebsd System Monitor spews "LibGTop-Server: kvm_read (si): Bad address".

Michael Dorrington michael.dorrington at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 00:17:52 UTC 2010

Josselin Mouette wrote:
>> In kfreebsd start the program (capturing stdout and stderr to a file).
>> $ gnome-system-monitor > gnome-system-monitor.out 2>&1
>> Click on the Processes tab. System Monitor is now spewing
>> "LibGTop-Server: kvm_read (si): Bad address" to the output capture file
>> and lacks responsiveness. End the program.
> In all cases the bug lies in libgtop.
>> Note that on my installation of kfreebsd the program doesn't crash
>> (unlike <http://bugs.debian.org/568404>) and it does display the process
>> list (unlike <http://bugs.debian.org/596142>).
> Could it be that either: 
>       * you have a different kernel version? 
>       * you have something else installed that should be a dependency
>         for libgtop on kfreebsd?

The system was up to date at time of testing and was using the 8.1 (the
default) kfreebsd kernel.
I've tried the 8.0 kernel and its is the same. But the 7.3 kernel
doesn't suffer the issue with the Processes tab and the processes are
displayed. So its looks kernel specific. For the 7.3 kernel there is a
problem with the Resources tab. On selecting the Resources tab the tab
is never display but there is lots of "LibGTop-Server: kvm_read
(ifnetaddr): Bad address".

$ gnome-system-monitor > gnome-system-monitor-kfreebsd7.3.out 2>&1
$ sort gnome-system-monitor-kfreebsd7.3.out | uniq -c | sort -nr
1919312 LibGTop-Server: kvm_read (ifnetaddr): Bad address
     13 glibtop: geom_stats_open(): Permission denied
      1 LibGTop-Server: kvm_read (ifnetaddr)
      1 LibGTop-Server: kvm_getargv (9): Success
      1 LibGTop-Server: kvm_getargv (8): Success
      1 LibGTop-Server: kvm_getargv (7): Success


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