Bug#638030: libgtk2.0-bin: /usr/share/icons/gnome/icon-theme.cache violates FHS chapter 4

Carsten Hey carsten at debian.org
Thu Aug 18 13:25:39 UTC 2011

* Josselin Mouette [2011-08-18 10:04 +0200]:
> Le mercredi 17 août 2011 à 22:38 +0200, Carsten Hey a écrit :
> > > This file is under control of gnome-icon-theme, which is in charge of
> > > setting the trigger and cleaning up on package removal.
> >
> > gnome-icon-theme-extras also uses /usr/share/icons/gnome/
> So what?

So this file is _not_ under control of gnome-icon-theme and thus your
reasoning why this bug is invalid is invalid.  This does neither mean
that this bug is valid, nor that it is invalid, it just means that it is
a bit more complicated.  Discussing this in detail is IMHO a waste of
time, especially given that even obvious things like why the package
gnome-icon-theme-extras is relevant seem to need an explanation.

Thanks for the fast reply to the architecture dependence question,

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