libmozjs and gnome-shell

Mike Hommey mh at
Fri Dec 23 13:17:42 UTC 2011

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:15:01PM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le jeudi 22 décembre 2011 à 18:26 +0100, Mike Hommey a écrit : 
> > > > I've said numerous times that I won't prevent anyone from packaging
> > > > libmozjs185. I just won't do it myself. FWIW, the libmozjs185 "upstream"
> > > > maintainer was interested in packaging it for debian himself. So anyone
> > > > interested should try to contact Wes Garland.
> Will do, thanks. I don’t think the best results would be ensured by
> packaging it by the GNOME team; we don’t know nothing about this
> technology.

As a side note, I should mention that there may be changes in the way
packages land on unstable in a few weeks or months (or not). As of
speaking, Firefox 10 is the speculative starting point of the extended
support releases (ESR) of Firefox, with the release receiving only
security updates for about a year. I am pondering whether this would
make sense to track these ESR releases for Debian. One problematic
aspect is that they have a relatively short life span compared to
Debian releases, so they wouldn't solve the support problem we have,
though they might help with backports (but then, it helps with
backporting for any release not just for ESRs). Another problematic
aspect, and I think it's a bigger problem, is that considering a Wheezy
freeze in june and even only 3 months of freeze time (which sounds
pretty optimistic), if Firefox 10 (released end of January 2012) is
indeed the ESR, by the time Wheezy is released, the ESR will already be
8 months old and will only be supported for an additional 3 or 4 months.

Anyways, I'm still thinking about the issue.


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