Bug#570256: More info, patch, and package.

Margarita Manterola marga at debian.org
Sun Jan 2 20:56:49 UTC 2011

tags 570256 patch
forwarded 570256 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=598820
severity 570256 normal

Touchpad's TapButton2 and TapButton3 are inverted in GNOME in Debian
Squeeze.  It used to be that TapButton2=2 and TapButton3=3.  It also used
to be possible to configure them through xorg.conf.  Now they are inverted
because gnome-settings-daemon has them hardwired to 1/3/2, without any
configuration tool available.

This bug has also been reported to GNOME and Ubuntu, in the following


I took the patch prepared by Yuri Khan (which seems to be likely the one
that will be applied upstream) and modified it to make it apply the
current packages in squeeze.

I'm attaching the debdiff patch of the packages I created, in case it's
useful for anybody.  This bug is nasty (because it removes functionality
that was available before, without a clear override method) but not release
critical and thus will regretfully not make it into squeeze.  

I've built the gnome-settings-daemon package for squeeze and put it at: 

I've tested the package with a Synaptics touchpad, and it works fine.

I think a similar patch should be applied in Debian packages, until
upstream decides to apply it themselves.


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