GMP 5 uploaded to Debian, -dev package changed

Josselin Mouette joss at
Sun Mar 6 10:05:53 UTC 2011

Le samedi 05 mars 2011 à 21:15 -0600, Steve M. Robbins a écrit : 
> This email is being sent to the package contact address for all
> packages that build using GMP; i.e. each package that declares a
> build-dependency on one of the following packages:
> 	lib32gmp3-dev
> 	lib64gmp3-dev
> 	libgmp3-dev

Could you please provide a dd-list output?

> The latest version of GMP has just been uploaded to Debian and is
> being built.  This is a SONAME change and, since the -dev package was
> versioned, the build-deps of your package must be adjusted.
> You may continue to use versioned dev packages (libgmp10-dev and
> 32/64-bit variants) if you wish.  Alternatively, these packages now
> provide an unversioned libgmp-dev package that may be used instead.

This is good, but autobuilders don’t like virtual dependencies. Could
you please create an empty libgmp-dev package that depends on
libgmp3-dev (or just rename the development package)?

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