Bug#627007: Severe "Processor Leak" when Pointer is on GTK/GDK Window

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Tue May 17 16:09:54 UTC 2011

Le lundi 16 mai 2011 à 17:35 -0700, Elliott Mitchell a écrit : 
> I'm unsure whether any special configuration is required to tweak this.
> The only thing that comes to mind is I've got the traditional
> FocusFollowsMouse, and for the moment metacity is my window manager. This
> might also require a computer with a single processor (I suspect not, but
> I could be wrong; at a minimum multiple cores would likely make this less
> noticable). The steps are simple to reproduce, start one of the many
> effected programs. When the mouse cursor is over the program's window the
> program, X-server and window manager will all be fighting to reach 100%
> processor utilization. Move the mouse cursor off the window, even if the
> window retains focus, processor utilization will drop to idle.

Of course this is not reproducible, otherwise we would not have let this
slip into a stable release.

Please explain how to reproduce if you want help fixing this.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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