Bug#648394: Re: Bug#648394: gnome: allow workspaces allocation in a static way

Frederic MASSOT frederic at juliana-multimedia.com
Fri Nov 11 17:44:22 UTC 2011

Le -10/01/-28163 20:59, Michael Biebl a écrit :
> severity 648394 wishlist
> tags 648394 + wontfix
> thanks
> Am 11.11.2011 03:53, schrieb gpe92:
>> Package: gnome
>> Version: 1:3.0+3
>> Severity: important
>> Tags: upstream
>> it's more convenient for current use
> dynamic workspaces are an integral feature of the new gnome-shell, so
> this is not going to change.
> If you can't get used to the new behaviour, you can either use the
> fallback mode or one of the existing extensions [1], which allow you to
> setup static workspaces. Please note though, that installing such
> extensions happens at your own risk.


I think this bug can be merged with 648393 as this is to allow the 
choice to have a different behavior for workspaces. This is not to want 
to change the default behavior, the dynamic workspaces.

Should be able to choose to keep static workspace, an alt-tab limited to 
a workspace, recording of the session with the number of workspace and 
applications that are in a particular workspace.

The requirement to use extensions for this basic behavior is annoying, 
these parameters should be included in the Gnome mainline.

The use of extensions to create classes of users, those who know that 
extensions exist and those who are not geek enough to test several 
extensions before finding the right one. And there are those in business 
or in schools that can not install extensions, which can only change the 

Extensions must follow the speed of development of Gnome. It's 
embarrassing for a behavior as basic to the management of workspaces, it 
touches on how to work with the computer. Static workspaces is used in 
business, and is a way of working.

There are many flamewwre on changes in behavior, the use of extensions 
does not calm the flamewar. By providing the default installation with 
the choice of behavior, no one has twists.

Extensions are not visibility. If you asked someone which desktop he 
uses, he will answer Gnome, KDE, Xfce, but no such desktop and such 
extensions. The choice by the developers of dynamic workspaces will be 
the right choice visible to all. Although many people use extensions.

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