The facts!

Ms.Sanson jason at
Mon Sep 19 21:16:30 UTC 2011

I must let you in on the real facts about your delayed payment, I was an ex-member of the FBI on local and foreign debt attached to the World Bank office in Washington, DC, USA. Prior to my resignation, I discovered the unholy activities of my colleagues during a private investigation. I suspected some kind of foul play in their discharge of duties which they never informed me due to my Christian believes. I am very concern now over their incessant chargers on you and the fruitless dealings with my ex-boss.

I discovered that my boss connived with some top officials of the World Bank to divert funds approved to settle Lottery Winners, International Contractors and Inheritance payment. The World Bank (WB) has already given approval for your payment while my colleagues deliberately withheld your payment file. They incessantly ask you for fees from different quarters in order to justify their selfish interest. I wonder why you haven’t notice their games.

Well, I just hope you believe me, if not, your fund is gone. Your fund has been authorized to be paid to you from a WB financial consultant either in the UK or US, approved with a World Bank Key Tested Reference/Claim Code Numbers, which was supposed to have been issued to you, but my colleagues decided to divert your attention by telling you of something to do with one committee or the other especially in Holland (Amsterdam), Spain, UAE or in Africa and they make you believe that the fund will be transferred into your account – FALSE!

The reason why I am giving you this information is because of the fact that I was aware of it and my doctrine does not permit me to withhold such information. The only help you can get from me now, is the actual link to your payment, please do not give this information to my boss as he may influence a total blockage of your payment, so you have to be very careful with this information.

Upon your response, I shall give you all you needed to contact the World Bank payment centers in UK or US.

Yours truly,
Ms.Tracy Sanson

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