Bug#682685: 2nd follow-up to Re: libglib-2.0: claws-mail segfault

Cia Watson cia.watson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 22:25:16 UTC 2012

On 08/05/2012 12:26 PM, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> The problem is a corrupted address book (the address book consists of
> the XML files in ~/.claws-mail/addrbook). claws-mail tries to access the
> 'uid' field of an<address>  entry and crashes because that field is
> missing.
> <removed>
> Opening claws-mail and trying to compose a message results in a
> backtrace that looks very much like yours.
> So, before forwarding this problem to the claws-mail developers, I’d
> like to confirm with you that this is indeed what happens. There’s
> multiple options for confirming this issue or working around it so you
> can use your mailclient until it’s fixed:
> 1) mv ~/.claws-mail/addrbook ~/.claws-mail/O.addrbook
>     This moves your addressbook out of the way. Afterwards, start
>     claws-mail and see if it doesn’t crash. If so, your addressbook is
>     indeed the cause.
> 2) Open the addrbook-*.xml files in ~/.claws-mail/addrbook with a text
>     editor and check if you spot missing uid-entries or otherwise obvious
>     corruption.
Hi Michael,

you're a genius! I have 3 address book xml files in that folder, 00001 
was the most recently updated so I started there, using your suggested 
option 2. I did indeed find some entries that were appended to the file 
by Claws Contacts, I believe. At any rate, after saving it with another 
name, I removed the block that clearly wasn't similar to the earlier 
entries, saved the original file and launched claws-mail, it works again.

I think it's more an issue of claws contacts misbehaving, and if you're 
sending something to the claws-mail devs, here's the link for the 
original bug report I filed with them:


And feel free to close this bug report. Thank you!

Cia W.

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