Bug#681687: Call for votes on evince MIME entry [and 5 more messages]

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Aug 14 12:25:50 UTC 2012

reassign 681687 evince
tag 681687 - wontfix

Ian Jackson      A B F
Russ Allbery     B A F
Don Armstrong    B A F
Bdale Garbee     B A F
Steve Langasek   B A F
Colin Watson     B A F

B wins, defeating A by 5:1 and F by 6:0.  The outcome was no longer in
doubt some time ago.

The TC has therefore passed the following resolution:

    1. The Technical Committee agrees with Neil McGovern's analysis of
       the situation regarding evince's missing mime type entry.

    2. If changes are desirable to our system for dealing with mime
       type entries and desktop files, including changes to policy or
       additional automation, these should be made via the usual
       development and policy amendment processes.

    3. We defer to the Release Team's decision that it is now too late
       to deploy such automation in wheezy.

    4. We do not disagree with the Release Team's assessment that
       the failure of the evince package to provide a mime type
       entry is a release critical bug.

    5. We therefore decline to overrule the Release Team.  The bug
       remains RC against evince.

    6. The release team should clarify which mime types the RC-bugginess
       applies to.  We recommend that the starting point should be those
       mime types advertised by evince via the mime system in squeeze.

I will send a message to debian-devel-announce.


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