Bug#685487: gnome-terminal: Overwrite window decoration in fullscreen mode

Simon Waters simonw at zynet.net
Tue Aug 21 11:26:21 UTC 2012

On 21/08/12 11:24, Michael Biebl wrote:
> I can't reproduce/notice the issue you are describing.
> Could you make a screenshot or screencast which demonstrates the problem.

Thanks Michael,

that would usually be a simple request, but when I use the GNOME
screenshot, or the GIMP screengrab it redraws the window and thus
removes the layout problem by removing the border. Indeed alt-tab to
switch apps removes the layout problem. I'll try it at home and use a
camera if you can't reproduce after reading details below.

However did clarify the issue as I had to try and reproduce it.

Open GNOME-terminal and maximize (no left hand border is seen)
Open a new tab.
A left hand border is drawn for the new tab*, but the new shell prompt
is drawn as if no left border is there breaking the border.
Switching back to the first tab it now has a border, and hitting return
draws a new bash shell prompt breaking the border a little lower down
this time.

*The left hand tab border drawing is dependent on local stuff.

If I move my .bashrc to .bashrc.old (it does some stuff for colour etc
so could be a confounder), start GNOME-terminal, maximize, open a tab,
and I have to switch back to the original tab, and back to the new tab
before a left hand border is drawn for the tab and the issue is then
produced by hitting "return" and a new bash prompt breaks the border.

Alternative method to reproduce (no tabs)

Open GNOME-terminal, maximize, hover mouse pointer over one of the
window controls (Minimize), a left hand border is drawn when the hover
takes place, not hitting "return" causes a new shell prompt which is
drawn as if the border does not exist. Redraws of the screen cause the
border to disappear.

As I noted before this is "GNOME classic" with Wheezy.
Issue appeared on upgrade to Wheezy.
I note also that selecting the title of a tab causes a dashed line to
appear around it - when this happens the left border (if displayed)
disappears. However you can switch tabs and have this dashed line appear
immediately then the dashed line and border will co-exist at the same time.

I can reproduce issue any time a left hand border is drawn on the
maximized terminal window by hitting return in bash.

Workaround the irritation is to make the window as big as possible
without using maximize.

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