Bug#582774: seed FTBFS on ia64

Stephan Schreiber info at fs-driver.org
Sun Dec 2 19:30:20 UTC 2012

severity 582774 serious
tags 582774 - help

The seed package suffers from two bugs of webkit:
bug#642750 (epiphany-browser: *HIGHLY* unstable on ia64  
(IA-64/IPF/Itanium) platform)
bug#694971 (ia64 (Itanium) Epiphany browser crashes within  

I can confirm that the most recent seed package on Wheezy no longer  
FTBS on ia64 after the webkit package with the patches of bug#642750  
and bug#694971 has been installed.

So all you need to do here is waiting until the mentioned bugs are  
done, and add seed for ia64 on the FTP again.


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