Bug#696040: Gnome-shell 3.4.2-4 memory leak bug - why is ignored?

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Wed Dec 19 21:31:16 UTC 2012

Le mercredi 19 décembre 2012 à 21:48 +0100, otas pe a écrit :
> Please let me know why is this critical bug ignored? I hope that
> Gnome-shell 3.4.2-4 will not be accepted in Debian Wheezy! In this
> version is critical bug with memory leak reported by me (696040).
> Gnome Shell 3.4.2-3 currently in testing is not affected.

There is no way we can release with 3.4.2-3 which has deadlocks.

> What is your plan to fix it and avoid to accept in testing?

What is *YOUR* plan?

Because it sounds to me you are merely whining.

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