Bug#696348: gnome-shell restarts when closing gnome-terminal

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Thu Dec 20 00:22:24 UTC 2012

Le mercredi 19 décembre 2012 à 23:31 +0000, Harvey Kelly a écrit : 
> It seems the problem is mutter:
> Installing gnome-shell-dbg pulls in mutter (which wasn't installed), and
> I caouldn't reproduce the gnome-shell-restart bug.
> Uninstalling mutter, logout, login, and the bug had returned.
> I am being a bit dim here (I read the link you sent), but not sure if I
> should run 'gdb gnome-shell' from a VT? As closing the gnome-terminal
> whilst running the command isn't going to work - that's obvious to even
> me! (Sorry, just very inexperienced at bug reporting.)
> Anyway, installing mutter fixes the problem as far as I can see (tested
> 9 or 10 times).

I can’t reproduce this on a fresh account without mutter. So the
backtrace would be appreciated.

You need to start gdb from another VT (e.g. switch to the first text
console with Ctrl+Alt+F1), and attach gdb to gnome-shell: 
        gdb /usr/bin/gnome-shell $(pidof gnome-shell)

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