Bug in nautilus, NFS or other package?

Eerste Laatste hoekbank at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 11:09:27 UTC 2012

*** Problem description short:
filename.sh with executable attribute set on NFS mount not executable via nautilus

*** Problem description long:
Double clicking a script file with a name like "filename.sh" file and executable attribute set on the gnome desktop or via nautilus pops up a dialog telling it is a executable text file with option buttons:
- Run in Terminal
- Display
- Cancel
- Run
Also with Debian Squeeze if the script file is on a NFS mounted remote drive on the network.
But since somewhere half way Wheezy development stage up to the current stage, the dialog with options does not pop-up anymore.
Instead gedit always opens showing the contents of the file (so always the action like there was a pop-up and of that always the "Display" option is selected automatically).

*** Impact of the problem:
Executable scripts on NFS shares can't be double clicked anymore to execute the script, only to see/edit the contents.
For example (in my case a real problematic example) having people making use of scripts like "Backup my home directory.sh" for making backups in that directory of the remote drive will not work anymore when upgrading from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy making the problem a serious regression.

*** Question:
What exactly is the cause of the problem and how to make sure it won't occur in the final Debian Wheezy version ?


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