Bug#696939: can't create jabber accounts

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Sun Dec 30 13:19:34 UTC 2012

severity 696939 wishlist
tags 696939 + upstream

On 29/12/12 18:12, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> The only account types supported are Windows Live, Google and Facebook

Yes, GOA is limited to a small set of well-known services.

To configure a generic Jabber account in a GNOME GUI, use the Accounts
editor in Empathy - run empathy(1) and press F4 or go to Edit->Accounts,
or run empathy-accounts(1). This is also where you configure any other
IM accounts supported by Telepathy but not by GOA.

To configure a generic Jabber account programmatically, use the
Telepathy AccountManager D-Bus API (mc-tool(1) provides a CLI frontend
for most of that API).

> It appears that open standards based account types like Jabber are not
> supported in a default installation.

They are not supported by GOA, no. If you object to this please take it
up with upstream. It appears to be a deliberate design choice that
things like "generic Jabber" and "generic SMTP/IMAP/POP" are offered by
individual applications like Empathy and Evolution, rather than being
available in GOA.

The purpose of GOA is to configure "general" single-sign-on accounts
providing multiple capabilities over various protocols: for instance, a
Google account provides Google Talk for Empathy/Telepathy, Google
Calendar for Evolution, etc., and a Windows Live account provides Live
Messenger for Empathy/Telepathy, and in principle, Hotmail for Evolution
and SkyDrive for Nautilus/GVFS (I don't know whether those are actually


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