Requesting a bugfix for libglib2-0 in Squeeze

Cyril Brulebois kibi at
Thu Mar 15 02:22:12 UTC 2012


Martin Gerhard Loschwitz <madkiss at> (14/03/2012):
> i'm writing this Email to request an update of the libglib2-0 package
> in the Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 ("Squeeze") distribution in order to fix a
> bug that leads to ugly deadlocks.

thanks for checking with us.

> A more exhaustive explanation of this problem can be found in the bug
> report for Ubuntu, which is available from 
> The patch needed to fix this is available from here:
> I kindly ask you to update the package in Squeeze to include this fix.

Unfortunately, version information seems to be (at least at first
glance, I'm not used to launchpad at all):
  Oneiric 	Confirmed
  Precise 	Fix Released

I think we'd greatly appreciate a Debian bug with appropriate
“found”/“fixed” information, which would help everyone track down the
status of this bug in Debian. Usually the first thing to do is to get
the patch in unstable if the version in unstable is affected, and only
after that, think about performing a stable update.

I guess Gnome maintainers will take it from here once a proper bug is
opened in the Debian BTS.

Thanks already!

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