Alexander Mackinnon Jansen alexander.jansen at
Sun Nov 25 17:07:56 UTC 2012

Reporter:	Alexander Mackinnon Jansen, alexander.jansen at

Product:	gnome-system-monitor
Version:	2.4.1-2 (testing)
OS:		Linux Mint Debian Edition, cinnamon 1.4.0-lmde2UP3 (debian) (GNOME 
Priority:	P5
Serviety:	Minor
Status:		New
Summary:	The scaling of the network-speeds is way off, (in the Norwegian 
Nynorsk version).  The numbers are often in the wrong order, causing a 
confusing interface.  Yet the unit of measurement seems to be working 
	Reproduce steps:	Open the monitor, go to the Resources tab, examine the 
network-log.  (names may vary as I am just translating from the 
Norwegian version)
	Expected result:	See the network-log with the correct units in the left.
	Actual result:		See the network-log with the units showing in either 
the wrong order, or just 0.
Report type:	Design error

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