Bug#683880: gnome-shell: Sometimes hangs during startup

Sander de Leeuw s.deleeuw at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 20:02:23 UTC 2012

I think the cause of this issue is described in the following message:

A call to "gjs_context_gc(..)", which runs the garbage collector, causes a
deadlock between threads somehow.

I have compared the source of gnome-shell-3.4.2 and gnome-shell-3.6.2 and
these lines of code were removed. This is the only change in function

However, I also read something about garbage collection being fixed (after
3.4.2) and how this obsoletes the call to "gjs_context_gc(..)" here:

This is why I am not sure whether it's safe to apply the same patch against
3.4.2. Perhaps this question can be answered by a gnome-shell developer.

Sander de Leeuw
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