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It take's me time and lot of consideration before contacting you 

I am Mr Malik Musa an Auditor to a prime bank here in Cote d'Ivoire and also personal 

Financial adviser to a client in our bank , who was shot dead with his wife and their only 

daugther by the Rebels during the Political war here in Cote d'ivoire .

My reason for contacting you is to present your name to the bank as his NEXT 

OF KIN (BROTHER,SISTER OR FAMILY RELATIVES) since you are bearing the same

last surname so that the bank will transfer his money that he left 

behind in the bank into your bank account, I dont want the government to be in position to this money 

because if they find out that no one come's for this money they will consificate it into government account.

After the transfer then you will arrange my coming to meet with you in your country for the sharing of the money.

Kindly send respond to me so that i can details you more information.


MR Malik Musa

Auditor General
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