Bug#718552: libgjs0c: libgjs 1.36.1 is missing dbus.js and breaks gnome-shell 3.4.2.-11

Emmanuel Fleury fleury at labri.fr
Mon Aug 5 08:33:28 UTC 2013

On 08/02/2013 10:54 AM, Emmanuel Fleury wrote:
> Package: libgjs0c
> Version: 1.36.1-2
> Followup-For: Bug #718552
> I confirm the bug (and the severity).
> For now, I did not find any workaround for this bug (I tried to use the
> dbus.js from libgjs0b without any success).
> Reverting to previous version seems quite difficult because of the
> incompatibilities between libgjs0b and libgjs0c.

I updated the Gnome-shell package this morning to 3.4.2-12 and it worked
as previously (maybe a bit faster than usual).

The bug may be closed now.

Emmanuel Fleury

Though a program be but three lines long, someday it will have
to be maintained.
  -- Geoffrey James (Book 5, Maintenance, The Tao of Programming)

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