Bug#720489: Please do not use --disable-ibus

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 24 06:29:30 UTC 2013

On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 2:22 PM, Osamu Aoki <osamu at debian.org> wrote:
>> Do you think you could rebuild the version currently in experimental to
>> test if this change is actually not breaking anything (and maybe also
>> fixing your other bug?).
> Yes, it fixes the grave crash reported in http://bugs.debian.org/715568
> as long as I install patched gnome-settings-daemon and
> gnome-control-center packages without --disable-ibus.  Thus I am
> requesting Debian GNOME packages to follow the GNOME upstream and FC19
> default compile option (= no --disable-ibus) usage and compile with the
> new experimental ibus 1.5.3 family of packages.
> For gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center, --disable-ibus was
> used to make GNOME 3.8 work with the older ibus 1.4 since ibus 1.5 was
> not available for Debian yet.  With my recent upload, ibus 1.5.3-1 is
> now in experimental.  So no reason to keep this awkward option to break
> the newer ibus 1.5.

IMHO --disable-ibus was not intended for running ibus 1.4, and ibus
1.4 has nothing to do with whether --disable-ibus is enabled or not.
The option was passed because GNOME 3.4 breaks all input method except
ibus (whichever version) because it forces to run
/usr/bin/ibus-daemon. It was also considered that ibus 1.5 +
integration in GNOME 3.4 hurts ibus's user experience a lot so that
1.5 wasn't pushed to wheezy.

Now it's time to move on but what we need to make sure is not only
ibus itself run with GNOME, but also other input method do run with
GNOME (especially when co-installed with ibus on the same system). I
think this is the only thing to do before removing --disable-ibus.

Aron Xu

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