Bug#721677: more background on the gnome-user-share bug

Stefan Krastanov krastanov.stefan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 21:47:55 UTC 2013

I followed a few debian/gnome wiki pages at first. Presumably they
were for gnome3, however they referenced (and showed screenshots) of
what I know to be `gnome-file-share-properties`, which until recently
was part of the package `gnome-user-share` and the package
`nautilus-share` still expects the executable to exist (it is called
by the button on the ribbon in the Public folder).

So, in steps:

- Install debian testing, use it for a week, get into the need to send
file by bluetooth to it.
- Gnome Help Page / Wiki on sharing tells me to install
`gnome-user-share`. For convenience I also installed `nautilus-share`.
- Gnome Help Page / Wiki tells me to go to settings->etc->etc, where a
shortcut to `gnome-file-share-properties` should be present.
- No such shortcut is present. Studying previous versions of the
`gnome-user-share` package shows that it contained the
`gnome-file-share-properties` executable before, but not anymore.

And IMPORTANT REMARK: my gnome-control-center has no mention of
sharing preferences whatsoever.

My expectations for `gnome-file-share-preferences` to be installed
might indeed be based on old information. However if there is some new
way to access these preferences, it is not mentioned on any wiki, it
is not part of gnome-control-center by default and it does not become
part of gnome-control-center after installing gnome-user-share.

All this on Debian testing. ArchLinux has gnome-file-share-preferences
in its gnome-user-share package as do older versions of Debian.

Thanks for the attention

On 8 September 2013 17:24, Andreas Henriksson <andreas at fatal.se> wrote:
> Hello everybody reporting to Debian bug #721677.
> I'd like to understand more about the problem you're seeing.
> In Gnome 3.8, sharing is configured in gnome-control-center.
> You all seem to be trying to do it somehow differently.
> Why and how?
> Could you please describe more details about what you're trying
> to do that leads up to the problem?
> Quoting parts from your previous reports:
>> Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/gnome-file-share-properties" (No
>> such file or directory)
> [...]
>> The above mentioned executable is indeed missing, [...]
> There's no such executable for sure... the question is why/how you're
> trying to use it though?!
> Please describe more background.
> Feel free to skip the (a) start computer, (b) log in, steps in your
> description.
> --
> Andreas Henriksson

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