Bug#714297: Unicode-data is not in UTF8

Damien Caliste dcaliste at free.fr
Fri Sep 13 14:06:09 UTC 2013


   In fact, with respect to my previous email, the fact that the Perl
script is not working is because the package unicode-data is in version
6.1 while this script is made for 6.2…

   Indeed, before 6.1 (included), NameLists.txt was in iso8859-1, and
the Perl script was iconving it to UTF8 before generating the .h for
gucharmap. But since Unicode version 6.2, the NameLists.txt file is in
UTF8, so the Perl script has the conversion deactivated.

   I suggest to upload a new unicode-data package with 6.2 version, or
to reactivate the conversion in the Perl script (and to deactivate later
when unicode-data will be upgraded).

   What do you think ?


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