Bug#723104: gnome: Clean netinst of Debian 7.1.0: First startup of Gnome fails.

Jeroen N. Witmond jnw at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 16 15:50:38 UTC 2013

Package: gnome
Version: 1:3.4+7
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

I've just completed a netinst of Debian 7.1.0 from an ISO downloaded and burned today.

On the first login to my user account after this install, Gnome fails to start and drops into some fallback mode.

At the top right corner of my display there was an icon that displayed an error message about this, but without any details.

In the syslog I see

Sep 16 17:13:49 BlackBox gdm-simple-greeter[3526]: CRITICAL: get_column_number: assertion `i < gtk_tree_view_get_n_columns (treeview)' failed
Sep 16 17:13:49 BlackBox gdm-simple-greeter[3526]: CRITICAL: get_column_number: assertion `i < gtk_tree_view_get_n_columns (treeview)' failed

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 7.1
  APT prefers stable-updates
  APT policy: (500, 'stable-updates'), (500, 'stable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages gnome depends on:
ii  aisleriot                    1:3.4.1-1
ii  alacarte                     3.5.3-1
ii  avahi-daemon                 0.6.31-2
ii  cheese                       3.4.2-2
ii  cups-pk-helper               0.2.3-3
ii  desktop-base                 7.0.3
ii  evolution                    3.4.4-3
ii  evolution-plugins            3.4.4-3
ii  file-roller                  3.4.2-1
ii  gedit                        3.4.2-1
ii  gedit-plugins                3.4.0-1
ii  gimp                         2.8.2-2
ii  gnome-applets                3.4.1-3
ii  gnome-color-manager          3.4.2-1
ii  gnome-core                   1:3.4+7
ii  gnome-documents              0.4.2-2
ii  gnome-games                  1:3.4.2-3
ii  gnome-media                  3.4.0-1
ii  gnome-nettool                3.2.0-1
ii  gnome-orca                   3.4.2-2
ii  gnome-shell-extensions       3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-tweak-tool   
ii  gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg         0.10.13-5
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly   0.10.19-2+b2
ii  hamster-applet               2.91.3+git20120514.b9fec3e1-1
ii  inkscape           
ii  libgtk2-perl                 2:1.244-1
ii  libreoffice-calc             1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0+deb7u2
ii  libreoffice-gnome            1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0+deb7u2
ii  libreoffice-impress          1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0+deb7u2
ii  libreoffice-writer           1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0+deb7u2
ii  nautilus-sendto              3.0.3-2+b1
ii  network-manager-gnome
ii  rhythmbox                    2.97-2.1
ii  rhythmbox-plugin-cdrecorder  2.97-2.1
ii  rhythmbox-plugins            2.97-2.1
ii  rygel-playbin                0.14.3-2
ii  rygel-preferences            0.14.3-2
ii  rygel-tracker                0.14.3-2
ii  seahorse                     3.4.1-2
ii  shotwell                     0.12.3-2
ii  simple-scan                  3.4.2-1
ii  sound-juicer                 3.4.0-3
ii  telepathy-gabble             0.16.5-1+deb7u1
ii  telepathy-rakia              0.7.4-1
ii  telepathy-salut              0.8.1-1
ii  tomboy                       1.10.0-2
ii  totem                        3.0.1-8
ii  totem-plugins                3.0.1-8
ii  tracker-gui                  0.14.1-3
ii  transmission-gtk             2.52-3+nmu1
ii  vinagre                      3.4.2-2
ii  xdg-user-dirs-gtk            0.9-1
ii  xul-ext-adblock-plus         2.1-1+deb7u1

Versions of packages gnome recommends:
ii  browser-plugin-gnash     0.8.11~git20120629-1
ii  gdebi                    0.8.7
ii  gnome-games-extra-data   3.2.0-4
ii  nautilus-sendto-empathy
ii  telepathy-idle           0.1.11-2

Versions of packages gnome suggests:
pn  dia-gnome              <none>
pn  gnome-boxes            <none>
pn  gnucash                <none>
pn  iceweasel-l10n-all     <none>
ii  libreoffice-evolution  1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0+deb7u2
pn  planner                <none>
pn  xul-ext-gnome-keyring  <none>

Versions of packages gnome-core depends on:
ii  at-spi2-core                2.5.3-2
ii  baobab                      3.4.1-1
ii  brasero                     3.4.1-4
ii  caribou                     0.4.4-1
ii  caribou-antler              0.4.4-1
ii  dconf-gsettings-backend     0.12.1-3
ii  dconf-tools                 0.12.1-3
ii  empathy           
ii  eog                         3.4.2-1+build1
ii  evince                      3.4.0-3.1
ii  evolution-data-server       3.4.4-3
ii  fonts-cantarell             0.0.9-1
ii  gcalctool         
ii  gconf2                      3.2.5-1+build1
ii  gdm3                        3.4.1-8
ii  gkbd-capplet      
ii  glib-networking             2.32.3-1
ii  gnome-backgrounds           3.4.2-1
ii  gnome-bluetooth             3.4.2-1
ii  gnome-contacts              3.4.1-1+b1
ii  gnome-control-center        1:
ii  gnome-dictionary            3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-disk-utility          3.0.2-3
ii  gnome-font-viewer           3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-icon-theme            3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-icon-theme-extras     3.4.0-1
ii  gnome-icon-theme-symbolic   3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-keyring               3.4.1-5
ii  gnome-menus                 3.4.2-5
ii  gnome-online-accounts       3.4.2-2
ii  gnome-packagekit            3.4.2-2
ii  gnome-panel       
ii  gnome-power-manager         3.4.0-2
ii  gnome-screensaver           3.4.1-1
ii  gnome-screenshot            3.4.1-1
ii  gnome-session     
ii  gnome-session-fallback
ii  gnome-settings-daemon       3.4.2+git20121218.7c1322-3+deb7u1
ii  gnome-shell                 3.4.2-7
ii  gnome-sushi                 0.4.1-3
ii  gnome-system-log            3.4.1-3
ii  gnome-system-monitor        3.4.1-2+b1
ii  gnome-terminal    
ii  gnome-themes-standard       3.4.2-2.1
ii  gnome-user-guide            3.4.2-1+build1
ii  gnome-user-share            3.0.2-1
ii  gsettings-desktop-schemas   3.4.2-3
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-base  0.10.36-1.1
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-good  0.10.31-3+nmu1
ii  gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio    0.10.31-3+nmu1
ii  gtk2-engines                1:2.20.2-2
ii  gucharmap                   1:
ii  gvfs-backends               1.12.3-4
ii  gvfs-bin                    1.12.3-4
ii  iceweasel                   17.0.8esr-1~deb7u1
ii  libatk-adaptor              2.5.3-2
ii  libcanberra-pulse           0.28-6
ii  libcaribou-gtk-module       0.4.4-1
ii  libcaribou-gtk3-module      0.4.4-1
ii  libgtk-3-common             3.4.2-6
ii  libpam-gnome-keyring        3.4.1-5
ii  metacity                    1:2.34.3-4
ii  mousetweaks                 3.4.2-1
ii  nautilus                    3.4.2-1+build1
ii  notification-daemon         0.7.6-1
ii  policykit-1-gnome           0.105-2
ii  pulseaudio                  2.0-6.1
ii  sound-theme-freedesktop     0.7.pristine-2
ii  tracker-gui                 0.14.1-3
ii  vino                        3.4.2-1+b1
ii  yelp                        3.4.2-1+b1
ii  zenity                      3.4.0-2

Versions of packages gnome-core recommends:
ii  network-manager-gnome

gnome-core suggests no packages.

-- no debconf information

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