Bug#456280: Bug still present

Pietro Battiston me at pietrobattiston.it
Mon Sep 30 13:16:01 UTC 2013

The bug is still present in 3.8.2-1. In fact, the "critical action" is
not triggered when my computer (HP Compaq 6910p) completely discharges
the first battery, but it is triggered when it wakes up from suspend
with the first battery completely discharged.

Although all of us hate ugly hacks, I would say that since the bug is
old and annoying, easily causing data loss (stuff which I have open when
my computer, which does not support hibernation, shuts down), it would
be wise to allow, in gnome-control-center, to set the action to execute
when the battery level is critical to "nothing".

Doing this is as trivial as adding the option to the glade file power.ui
- see the attached patch. Then, it could be reverted when the bug is

(The maintainer for the two packages is the same, but I can file a
separate bug targeting gnome-control-center if requested)

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