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Pauline Allen mozafarzadeh at isa.ir
Fri Jun 13 00:47:58 UTC 2014


Hello Dear

 I am Pauline Allen, 17 years old girl; I was raised up by a single
mother who was a missionary before she died few months ago. My mother
was rich ,she was also running a farm with a ranch with investment in
stocks and shares before she died. I am passing through a lot of
financial problem due to her departure. She willed all her savings to me
but she told the bank management that before the money will be released
to me that I must get to the age of marriage or I will present a
guardian been a (Male /Female) to the bank, before they can release the
fund to me, please I want you to help me and stand as my guardian and
claim the fund and asset my late mother left behind for me.

I will be glad if you help me out.

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