Bug#751007: meld: Can't hide files/dirs when comparing two directories

Bálint Réczey balint at balintreczey.hu
Sun Jun 15 23:41:54 UTC 2014

Control: tags -1 wontfix

2014-06-12 6:49 GMT-07:00 Bálint Réczey <balint at balintreczey.hu>:
> Control: forwarded -1 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=731575
> Control: tags -1 upstream
> 2014-06-09 14:32 GMT+02:00 Anaël Verrier <elghinn at free.fr>:
>> Package: meld
>> Version: 1.8.4-1
>> Severity: normal
>> Tags: patch
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> Although meld code gives the possibility to hide files and dirs in the dirdiff view, meld gui does not show this feature. So we can not hide items ourself.
>> The attached patch adds "Hide" to the menu, the toolbar and the popup.
>> Also, this bug seems to affect the 3.11.1 from experimental.
Sorry Anaël it seems this won't be fixed. :-(
Copying upstream's comment from BugZilla:

--- Comment #1 from Kai Willadsen <kai.willadsen at gmail.com> 2014-06-13
20:43:06 UTC ---
I'm sorry, but that removal was intentional. The Hide action never had a clear
use case, and having it makes future improvements to the tree view harder.


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