Bug#746545: gnome-shell - Shutdown ignored

Ricardo Martin Camarero ricardo_martin_camarero at yahoo.es
Sun Jun 22 18:40:48 UTC 2014


I was experiencing the same issue with a system installed just some 
weeks ago (default testing/jessie installation, but minimal and then 
installing more packages using apt-get). Today I have been looking 
because I was a bit tired of this annoying issue and the dmesg showed 
the following error:

systemd-logind[2845]: Failed to send delayed message: Launch helper

That error guided me to this bug:


This bug explains a similar problem (not suspending after the lid is 
closed) because the init system is still sysvinit and not systemd. I 
have checked that my PID 1 process was not systemd and I tried to 
install systemd init system. Following this page:


After that I can shutdown and restart using gnome-shell menu. I think 
the future is systemd, so it is ok with me.

Marco check if dmesg shows the same message when the shutdown is ignored 
and try to move to systemd if it is the same case.


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