begovicreus at steelfield.in begovicreus at steelfield.in
Fri Jun 27 02:58:03 UTC 2014

Hello dear,
My name is Begovic Reus; I am a staff of Lexus Motors Malaysia. I  
worked as one of the claim agents for 2013 end of the year promotion  
where some people were selected as our winners. Many of our winners  
refused to honor our calls on them to come and claim their money. So  
this resulted in many prizes been left unclaimed.
With two (2) more months before the closing date of the claim, I have  
decided to use this opportunity to make myself richer but then i  
cannot do this without a foreigner who will stand as a beneficiary so  
it is on this regard that I am contacting you so that you can receive  
this claim and we will shear it between ourselves.
If you are interested in this deal please visit our website and submit  
the below information?s as one of the winners and the claim begins.  
Once my company gets your submission, it will be forwarded to me for  
the claiming process and I will aid it on our behalf.  We will  
conclude on the agreements for the deal once I get your submitted  
details as provided below.
REF NUMBER: AS/2251356095/03
BATCH NUMBER:  3560/00
LUCKY NUMBER: 356-908-AS-395
In what Category are your winning details: 2nd category
In What Region Are You Selected From: Europe
Date of Draw: 27/01/2014 Time: 13:19PM
Claim Agent Assigned To You: Begovic Reus
I assure you that there will be no problems in this claim because I am  
will personal conduct the claiming process.
Begovic Reus
Email: begovicreus at lexusmalaysia.com
Website:  http://www.lexusmalaysia.com/en/contact-us/online-feedback.html#
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