Bug#781049: gnome-session: gnome under wayland - black screen after login - then return to gdm

Jens Krause jxkrause at arcor.de
Fri Apr 3 10:10:58 UTC 2015


I have additional information. In /var/log/messages I find the lines:

Apr  3 11:26:05 xxx gnome-session[6692]: gnome-session[6692]:
GLib-CRITICAL: g_environ_setenv: assertion 'value != NULL' failed
Apr  3 11:26:06 xxx kernel: [24273.015768] gnome-shell[6701]: segfault
at 28 ip 00007f27a5852505 sp 00007ffc905eb728 error 4 in
Apr  3 11:26:07 xxx gnome-session[6692]: gnome-session[6692]: WARNING:
Application 'gnome-shell-wayland.desktop' killed by signal 11

Can it be  that an envirment variable is missing? Which?



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