James Kadiogo james.kadiogo56 at
Sat Apr 18 22:39:26 UTC 2015

Hello Friend,

How are you today? I hope that this email meets you in good health? I
am Mr. James Kadiogo and a well placed personnel in a reputable Bank
here in Burkina Faso (West Africa) and during the 27 years old
leadership of the defunct Government of our Country under the ousted
president Blaise Compaore, I have overseen millions of dollars
transferred under my office to different countries of the World for
undisclosed reasons but we are powerless to ask certain questions.

The new Government is on a random seizure and closure of accounts
connected to the defunct Government and I happen to be aware of the
sum of US$11.8 Million dollars in a classified account in my
department and I want to transfer this money into your account as a
foreigner if you are ready to cooperate with me, with the aim of using
large part of the money for charity.

Further details shall be given to you upon receipt of your reply.

Awaiting your quick response.

Best Regards
Mr. James Kadiogo.

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