Bug#692991: [dconf-tools] File: ~/.config/dconf/user becomes corrupted and breaks account

Julian Raisch contact at styxxx.de
Wed Apr 29 04:24:47 UTC 2015

Additional information:

Booting with a different set of monitors (one display instead of two)
definitely triggers it: After login the system freezes and the checksum of
the user file differs afterwards. It's impossible to start the desktop
session with a (usually working) file for a setup with two displays. The
only workaround is to have two different config files that have to be
swapped depending on the environment (2 or 1 display after bootup) prior to
gui login.

An additional error and probably user file corruption is a font problem
that can occur while changing dconf settings. Some menu fonts are rendered
abnormal (or the wrong type? They're thinner than before) at once without
reason. This can't be reversed, any further configuration and rebooting has
no effect. Only deleting the user file and doing all the set up again helps
- with luck the file doesn't corrupt this time.

Note: Since this happens using MATE could it also be related to the
mate-settings-daemon resp. mate-settings-daemon-gstreamer which is using
the dconf-gsettings-backend? It has caused trouble in the past but I don't
know how dconf and the daemon interact (well I assume whatever a daemon
does with the dconf-gsettings-backend it should never produce a corrupted
config file, so this would still be a dconf bug).
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