Bug#773915: Ping

Raphaël Halimi raphael.halimi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 13:23:42 UTC 2015

Ping ?

Please include my patch in the Debian package, it will allow to close
this bug as well as the matching Launchpad bug #1238964, and fix this
bug for good in Debian and all its derivatives, including Ubuntu and
Mint (people still complain about this issue in Mate GitHub repository
too, although the issue there has been closed since it's really in GLib
and not in Mate).

It would also allow to avoid potential issues on other DE/terminal
combinations (at least XFCE should theoretically be affected as well)
since the second version of the patch handles x-terminal-emulator and
not only mate-terminal.

Since x-terminal-emulator is Debian-specific, I think it's no use to
forward the bug upstream, moreover we know that the Gnome devs are
oblivious to anything non-Gnome, they'll most probably refuse to fix
this in upstream GLib, so fixing this bug in Debian is the best solution
for all Debian/Ubuntu/Mint users.

Thanks in advance.


Raphaël Halimi

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