Upload of gtk+3.0/3.14.5-1+deb8u1 to Jessie will be accepted by the Stable Release Managers

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Tue Aug 18 21:39:56 UTC 2015

Hello Ruben Undheim.

Thanks for your interest and work on these issues.

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 09:16:10PM +0200, Ruben Undheim wrote:
> Hi Andreas Henriksson and the other gtk+3.0 maintainers,
> We have negotiated acceptance from the Stable Release managers for a bug fix
> update of gtk+3.0 to Jessie. Can someone of you do the necessary steps to get
> this package uploaded?

Thanks for this. I'll try to handle the practical details as soon as
possible, but I'm short on time so please don't hold your breath as
it might take some time before I find free time.
(Anyone else beating me to it should ofcourse feel free to go ahead.)

> The fixed version can be found here:
>  http://mentors.debian.net/package/gtk%2B3.0
> and here:
>  https://github.com/rubund/gtk-bugfix.git
> Please feel free to tweak the changelog entry as you prefer to have it (in any
> way).

Thanks. I'll try to import your changes to the pkg-gnome svn once
I find time to look into the details. Please feel free to poke me
again if I don't get back to you soon.

> I am sorry that I ran out of patience this time, but I hope that there are no
> hard feelings.

Not sure what you're talking about, but definitely no hard feelings
on my side atleast. Quite the opposite, really happy to see someone
doing the work on fixing some Jessie issues.

> If you would like to change something else than the changelog
> entry in the bugfix, you should tell Adam on #795911 [1].

Fwiw, my preference would be to ship the latest upstream bugfix
release of the 3.14 series (of not just gtk+ but also other
gnome modules). I don't think backporting single patches is worthwile
use of my time, but since you've both prepared the backports
and already negotiated the SRM acceptance lets go with it for now.
I'm already running updated versions on my own system so updating
the packages isn't an issue, it's the remaining overhead of actually
getting things into Debian Jessie that causes my "antisocial" behaviour
of only updating my own system.

In case you have more free time, preparing patches against the correct
svn revision would be appreciated and could save me some time. Hopefully
I should be able to quite easily do that on my own though as soon as
I find time which is my main issue.

> Thanks a lot!

Thanks to you for actually doing the work.

> Best regards,
> Ruben
> [1] https://bugs.debian.org/795911

Andreas Henriksson

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