Bug#796600: libgtkmm-3.0-doc: Embedded copy of jquery without source or copyright mention

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Aug 27 10:52:39 UTC 2015

Control: reassign -1 doxygen
Control: forcemerge 736432 -1

Am 23.08.2015 um 13:37 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Am 23.08.2015 um 01:38 schrieb Luke Faraone:
>> Package: libgtkmm-3.0-doc
>> Version: 3.14.0-1
>> Severity: serious
>> Justification: DFSG
>> Hello,
>> The upstream source tarball contains docs/reference/html/jquery.js , which is
>> included in the binary package libgtkmm-3.0-doc. However, no source code for
>> this copy of jQuery is included, nor is the minified version included rebuilt.
> That really is a doxygen issue, that file is coming from that tool.
> You should file that issue against doxygen and get this fixed upstream.
> Working around that in packages using doxygen looks like the wrong
> approach to me.

Re-assigning and merging with existing bug report for doxygen.

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