Bug#728457: Calendar extends past bottom of screen

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Thu Aug 27 18:11:53 UTC 2015

Control: tag -1 + moreinfo

Hi Josh,

Josh Triplett wrote (01 Nov 2013 14:27:19 GMT) :
> Given a sufficiently large number of meetings, the Today/Tomorrow/Next
> week list becomes taller than the screen.  This makes the buttons "Open
> Calendar" and "Date and Time Settings" inaccessible.

> The size of the calendar popup should be limited to the size of the
> screen, with the list of meetings ellipsized at the end to make it fit.

According to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=696564,
this should be fixed with GNOME 3.14 in Jessie. Can you please confirm?


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