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Mon Dec 28 17:30:39 UTC 2015


We are accepting applications from individuals in Indonesia to become 
an Online Evaluator (OE). There is no charge or fee needed to become an 
evaluator and you do not need any work experience. Being an evaluator 
does not by any way disturb your current job as this job only requires 1 
or 2 hour of your time.

The reason we decided to employ evaluators is because many Crypto 
Currency traders have been complaining of them being ripped off there 
life-earned money and with this we will be able to fish out all those 
that are involved in this act in Indonesia.

Should you be interested, your wages will be 10% of any money that will 
be sent to you for evaluation purposes, more information will be given 
to you on this if you signify your interest.

To signify your interest, kindly reply with the information below:

Full Name:
Cellphone Number:
Private Email:

As soon as we receive this details, we will get back to you with 
further instructions and information.

Best Regards,

Online Security Department
Local Bitcoin Inc

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