Bug#774794: Debian Bug#774794: Re: dpkg: Add breaks for new trigger cycles

Guillem Jover guillem at debian.org
Wed Feb 4 06:27:51 UTC 2015

[ CCing gconf maintainers. ]


On Tue, 2015-02-03 at 10:19:29 +0100, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> On 2015-02-03 07:12, Niels Thykier wrote:
> > That said, I have no status on the cycles mentioned by Andreas Beckmann
> > (CC'ed) in this bug report.  If they are still relevant, we should have
> > bugs for them.
> I can still reproduce these problems, not sure which package to be
> blamed for and whether its trigger cycles or something different.

The debian-security-support and doc-base instances are just missing
Breaks in dpkg, which I've added. The only remaining problem is the
gconf2 one, which from a cursory check looks suspiciously like the
dbus problem. (Sorry for not having checked that one before, it
looked like something else, because it's not really a trigger cycle.)

Andreas, if you have such system readily available, it would be nice
to know if apt-get can get out of that state or if it gets stuck

And to the gconf maintainers, does its trigger really need to be
synchronous (i.e. do trigggering packages need to await the trigger
processing)? Or in other words do those other triggering packages
require the trigger to be processed to be able to consider themselves
configured and able to satisfy dependencies?


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