Bug#776746: gnome-session: GNOME crashes during a remote desktop access

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Tue Feb 10 03:42:25 UTC 2015

Control: affects -1 ldm

On 2015-01-31, GGaotx wrote:
> Suppose you installed GNOME as default DE and also with xrdp installed, when
> trying to use another computer to visit it by remote access(RDP or VNC),then
> GNOME crashes:
> "Oh, no! Something has gone wrong."
> In this case, it influences the using of RDP and VNC. They cannot use at all.
> When trying to use MATE as default DE, it works as it should. Cinnamon also
> crashes, but soft rendering works. So I think it's GNOME's soft rendering bug,
> it doesn't comptable with remote access.

This also affects LDM (the display manager used in LTSP), which uses ssh
X11Forwarding or remote X11 protocols. Basically, LTSP installations
have been encouraged to avoid using GNOME3 for quite some time due to
these sorts of issues.

live well,
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