Bug#773752: gdm3: GDM3 pollutes system logs with user session output under systemd

Jonathan Michalon jonathan at michalon.eu
Fri Jan 2 18:20:15 UTC 2015

On Thu, 25 Dec 2014 20:37:50 +0100 Jonathan Michalon <johndescs at gmail.com>
> Please make the debug/info/spam messages from user programs out of the system.

Okay, follow-up :)
Today I logged in as other users in GDM, and got tons of things like that (one
per second per other session) :

Jan  2 15:56:03 RunningPenguin
org.gnome.panel.applet.MultiLoadAppletFactory[1416]: glibtop: statvfs
'/run/user/1001/gvfs' failed

killing multiload-applet-2 of course suspended the flood until it get reloaded.

I've seen the problem relativemeny quickly but each logfile had already grown to
something like 350+ MB.

If a release is done like that I don't want to imagine the strange situation
desktop users will often see…

Best regards,


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