Bug#774712: io-jasper invalid operation

Mathieu Malaterre malat at debian.org
Tue Jan 6 17:20:36 UTC 2015

Package: gdk-pixbuf
Version: 2.31.1-2
Tags: upstream patch

The following code in io-jasper.c looks suspicious:

  if (jas_stream_write (context->stream, buf, size) < 0) {
    g_set_error_literal (error, GDK_PIXBUF_ERROR,

here size is usually a small size (4096...). However in jasper we have:

/* Write characters from a buffer to a stream. */
int jas_stream_write(jas_stream_t *stream, const void *buf, int cnt);

Where implementation is:

int jas_stream_write(jas_stream_t *stream, const void *buf, int cnt)
  int n;
  const char *bufptr;

  bufptr = buf;

  n = 0;
  while (n < cnt) {
    if (jas_stream_putc(stream, *bufptr) == EOF) {
      return n;

  return n;

therefore the return value can never be below zero. I suggest changing
the code to:

  if (jas_stream_write (context->stream, buf, size) != size ) {

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