Please reply: Product needed in UAE

Basil Opoku basilopoku at
Sun Jan 25 16:18:48 UTC 2015

My Dear Friend,

I am contacting you in regards of our company urgent need for Birtom
Liquid,is a dietary food supplement used by veterinarians and it is
mainly produced in CANADA/INDIA Birtom Liquid is the major liquid
product our company has been using since 2012.Our company is currently
buying this product from a supplier in INDIA at the rate of $65,000
per Gallon, but recently I found out that this same product is sold in
CANADA at the rate of $29,000 per Gallon, which is cheaper than the
INDIA price and I do not wish to let anyone in  our Company including
our CEO to know about this because of my interest to make profit in
the business.I request that you act as the vendor of this product in
your country UAE  of which our company CEO will be buying from
you,because i don't want our company to now the supply contact in
CANADA,because i want to make some profit in this business.

If you are willing to co-operate with me by giving me some percentage
from the profit you will make in this business at the every
transaction, I will send you our company contact details for you to
send them an offer,telling them that you are the dealer of the Birtom
Liquid in UAE that you can supply  them the product at a cheaper
price, then as soon as my MD indicates his interest to buy from
you,you will let him know that the stock is ready and you are willing
to supply them the product at the rate of US$52,000 per Gallon,as long
as he makes payment to you and accepts delivery in UAE only. Once he
accept your terms, I will forward you the contact details of the
vendor in CANADA who sells the Birtom Liquid.The local vendor selling
price in CANADA is US$29,000 per Gallon and remember you will sell to
our CEO at $52,000 per Gallon and then all profits made by you at the
end of the transaction will be shared between you and me after
deduction of expenses, etc.

Right now our company is making preparations to purchase about 200
Gallons this month IN INDIA please i don't want our company to buy the
product from India,i want you to get back to me so that i can give you
our MD contact details so that,you can contact our MD so that our MD
will not buy from India again and he will buy from you because if my
MD notice that the price in  UAE  is better than the price in India he
will definitely be interested to buy from you,so Indicate your
interest by responding to me for more details.

Our company will pay you then you will buy the product from the vendor
in  CANADA then you will supply it to our company here in Ghana.

Mr basil

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