Bug#738631: Some problems seem to get never solved

Andreas Glaeser bugs.andreas.glaeser at freenet.de
Mon Jan 11 15:17:41 UTC 2016

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Dear maintainers, 
I closed the issue in the first place in order to tell you, how
extremely disappointed I was about your behaviour, to consistently ignore me.
Now I changed my mind, I think the BTS should actually rather reflect, what's really going
on with the binaries, not some emotional considerations.
I am reopening the report, because I think, also small details _do_ matter. CentOS for
example released version 7.2, also including GNOME 3.14, and most likely they fixed this
issue in their distribution, it _really_ does have security-implications, when users
cannot lock their screen, when leaving the work-place, I mean it in a practical way, not
technically, of course they could also log out of their sessions, but it takes longer
and it is less convenient.
Another small detail is this:

I am not using GNOME anymore on my main PC, also not on the secondary PC, but I am still
using it once per week on my notebook, so I know, the bugs are still there.

Besides this _very_ bug:

The problems are, that GNOME does not work over x2go, not even in classic-mode, it
_does_not_work_at_all_ and GNOME3.14 fails to work with the FGLRX proprietary
RADEON-driver. I am not planning to stick with fglrx anyway, I just wanted to tell you
guys, though,


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